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Kontrastreiches Frankfurt




„Es gibt kaa Stadt uff dere Welt, die merr so guhd wie mei Frankfort gefällt,

unn es will merr net in de Kopp enei: wie kann nor en Mensch net von Frankfort sei!“


This little poem was written over 100 years ago by the famous Frankfurte poet Friedrich Stolze in his typical Frankfurt dialect. It shows how much Frankfurters love their city, both then and now. Experience and fall in love with some of the best of Frankfurt on a 2 hour walking tour between the Römerberg and the Financial District.



  • Römerberg, Schirn, New Old Town, Kaiserdom, Museum of Modern Art
  • Pauls Church - exterior
  • Goethe Haus - exterior
  • Hauptwache - exterior
  • Palais Thurn and Taxis - exterior
  • Frankfurt Stock Exchange - exterior


Financial District

Duration: 2 Hours, German

Price: 120.00 € +19% VAT

Duration: 3 hours, includes visit to the Main Tower (entry fee 6.50 € p.p./ 4.50 € p.p for groups up to 30)

Duration: 2 Hours, English or Spanish

Price: 140.00 € + 19& VAT

Duration 3 Hours, English or Spanish, includes visit to the Main Tower (entry fee 6.50 € p.p,/ 4.50 p.p for groups up to 30)

Price: 200.00 € + 19% VAT