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Goethe Haus





On Grossen Hirschgraben, you will find the house where Goethe was born on 28 August 1749. He spend his childhood and young adulthood in Frankfurt, before he went to Weimar, where he spent the rest of his life and where he died.


During a visit to Goethes home, he comes alive. How did he grow up? What were his interests? Which stories surround him and his family and friends? After touring the house, our short tour in the inner-city will reveal even more traces of Goethe.


The Goethe Haus is a must, for anyone who has read his autobiography, “From my Life: Poetry & Truth” . Here the scenes from his book come to life:


  • Goethehaus (interior)

  • Rossmarkt

  • Katharinenkirche

  • Kornmarkt

  • Goetheplatz

  • Hauptwache

  • Paulskirche

  • Römerberg


Duration: 1.5 Hours

Price: 120.00 € + 19% VAT (+ Entry Fee to the Goethehaus) German

Price: 140.00 € +19% VAT ( + Entry Fee to the Goethehaus) Spanish or English


Maximum size of group - 25