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City Bus Tour

A general overview of the city by bus: Goethe Haus, Römer, Kaiserdom, Historic as well as modern Frankfurt. Your bus tour can be created to match your interests.


You decide where you would like your meeting point to be and where I will join you on your bus. If you prefer, I can meet you in your hotel with the bus, In addition to the bus tour is naturally a short tour on foot around the Römerberg and the gothic Old Town.


Duration: 2 Hours

Price: 120.00 € +19% VAT (German)

Price: 140.00 € +19% VAT (Spanish or English)


Duration: 3 Hours = visit to the Main Tower

Price: 180.00 € +19% VAT (German) + entry fee for the Main Tower

Price: 200.00 +19% VAT (Spanish or English) + entry fee for the Main Tower